Leds create light without limits
Leds create light without limits
Leds create light without limits
Leds create light without limits
Leds create light without limits
Leds create light without limits

Successful to success

Daily positive feedback

Karel Havermans

Since the lighting in our butchershop has been transformed into the special "meat" led downlighters, we have been able to establish a growth in our sales. The meat looks more tasty and fresh. The entire team is very satisfied and we get positive feedback on a daily base from our customers.

Results even better than on paper

de Goedereede - Luc Janssen

Horses are very sensitive to light spots. Therefore, it was important for us to receive a light calculation in advance. The result is even better than the presentation on paper. We are currently building another part and we will again choose the support and products of RGB LED.

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This AR111 lamp is really a great product!

De Vereeniging - Willy Leerkens

Finally, a led AR111 replacement that looks good, has the same light output and light color as the classic AR111 lamps and fits in every classic fixture ... What a great product!

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Exceded our expectations

LSB Blokhutten - Veerle Van Mechgelen

Our log cabins are made to meet the feelings of our customers: create a cosy atmosphere as an extension of the house, a nice extra pavilion in the garden. You can not just do that with normal lighting: our expectations were exceded.

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Great to show off!

Kevin Gadeyne - AGC

Oh, how we love it when our customers are impressed of the results. We've got "before and after" pictures spontaniously send by AGC Zeebrugge saying: "It's always great to show off"... 

Our satisfied customers

Every light problem has a ledsolution

A solution through open dialogue

Are you looking for a reliable and professional partner for LED lighting? You can count on us for all your projects. We offer a wide range of quality led products and our team is ready to support you. Our services for you: light calculations, cost savings calculations, leasing proposals and even workshops. We only deliver B2B, to installers, electricians, lighting companies, interior designers, etc.

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