"Made in Kempen" publishes an article about our newest lighting deal

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

"Made in Kempen" published an article about a new deal with Aperam

"Lighting specialist RGB LED has signed another great contract! Sam Peys and Natalie De Groof's company successfully completed light calculations and developed a new luminaire to withstand the enormous heat for world player Aperam in Genk, a stainless steel manufacturer. Currently the implementation of the first part of the 80ha site has starded. In the following years, other Aperam sites in Belgium will be relighted.

"We did all kinds of measurements and heat tests," says business manager Sam Peys. "We knew that heat dissipation in stainless steel processing would in any way affect the life of the leds. As a result, we had to work out a tailor made solution. An enormous challenge. "


"RGB-LED got the contract with Aperam, even though there were other large and well-known led manufacturers trying to get the deal too. "Our test reports guarantee us a long life in extreme circumstances, allowing us to offer a 10-year guarantee. Due to our technical know-how and cooperation with the right partners, we made the difference. As a modest company situated in the "Kempen" we are really proud of that. "

One of the partners, TSB Telecom, has allready started installing the first fixtures. In the following years, the rest of this site in Genk and other sites in Belgium will be relighted. "When everything goes well, the other European sites of Aperam will also be relighted with these specific fixtures. We are allready doing measurements ", fellow co-founder Natalie De Groof adds.

6 people work at RGB LED. For the development of the luminaires and the project implementation, they appeal to different partners."


Ledmagazine.nl also found this important news and mentioned this deal in an article on their site

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