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Van Hees Metalen has been around for decades as the leading specialized iron company. You can ask them for new iron and metalworks, container service for retrieving valuable scrap waste, production of recycled metal and deconstruction. The hard work during all these years had clearly left its mark on the establishment in Lommel and so a rebuilding was planned. 
Together with P.ED architects the concept was thoroughly discussed. For all electrical work Elektriciteitswerken Nuyts was contacted, a well-known installation company located in Balen. We helped to realize the concept with lighting that was not only up to standard with all directives but also met the design-needs. 

Contemporary look

P.ED chose a contemporary, clean look with an open feel and visibility between the offices. Due to the concrete ceilings we opted for our build-on 40W pro led panels (4000K), in the system ceilings the build-in version was used. Above the desks our pro led panels (30x120cm) were suspended, here they act as up- and downlights. For the indirect light, the bright flex 600 in (4000K) was suggested. It looks as if the lightline isn’t interrupted by the glass walls. 
The toilets were simply equipped with our pro downlights 16. In the showers, the kitchen and at the entrance our subtle IP65 Stip spot was foreseen. 

The result is more than impressive. We wish the entire Van Hees Metal team many more successful years with their new interior and we would like to thank Elektriciteitswerken Nuyts and P.ED architects for the pleasant cooperation. We look forward to our next projects! 

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