Lighting studies

Customized 3D Presentation

Our lighting architects use Dialux software to be 100% sure where to locate our led fixtures in your lighting projects. By making lighting calculations, all plans are virtual, in 3D, before installing. This assure your customer has a very clear picture of what he can and can't expect of the led products that are proposed.

Advantages of our lighting calculations

*  You know in advance which power consumption is needed and how many luminaires are necessary to achieve the predetermined light intensity (ideal light output for the lowest power consumption possible).
* The location of the light points is known before installing (time-saving during assembly).
* Your customer knows in advance what to expect from the lighting.

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What do we need?

To make a lighting calculation we ask you to send us the CAD plans. If these are not available, we would like a clear sketch / situation description. In addition, we have also bundled some important questions in a checklist to make a professional light calculation. When we receive this information from you, we can get started immediately: place furniture in the room, add warehouse racks, enter textures of materials, etc. In this way we make the most accurate representation of the room for lighting .

Clear view

After designing the project in 3D, we start composing the lighting, fully to your requirements and according to the European Standard (EN 13464-1). The software uses complicated calculations to predict how the light reflects on each surface. Because of this you can see what the influence of the elements in the room is on the light, whether it's a living space, a warehouse or a parking lot. The light calculation report is clear and can be understood by anyone, a professional or a final customer.

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