However, we only choose and produce high quality products and we add extra strength to our warranty periods. On each technical sheet you can find the specific warranty period.

Terms of warranty

RGB LED Lighting Technologies will be fully informed about the defect.
• The warranty is only granted when the product was purchased by an authorized dealer.
• The product was installed by a qualified electrician according to the instructions that were added to the product upon purchase or to be found on our website (www.rgbled.be).
• The product was installed in a suitable environment for the product concerned (taking into account the ambient temperature, humidity and ventilation).
• The product may not be misused (incorrect operation by user, wrong voltage / power connection, etc.).
• The product has not been restored by anyone other than a representative of RGB-LED Lighting Technologies.
• The product was not used for anything other than what it was designed for.

What to do when you have a defect?

In case of a defect, we ask you to add our RMA document to your defect and deliver it to us. We investigate each defect with care and attention.

Fill in RMA

Is there warranty on my product?

Do you have any questions or are you not sure if there is still warranty on your product? Contact us and we'll help you right away.

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